To effectively manage your "biggest buckets" of fleet spend, sometimes you need an expert opinion on your fleet data.

By working with Donlen's strategic consultants, you will be able to quickly identify where your fleet is costing you: whether it's safety, cycling, or fuel related. Our fleet health checkup is risk-free, and 100% complimentary. Simply fill out the form below and a representative will quickly be in touch.


Data Collection

Gain a deep understanding of your business model.


Data Synthesis

Identify impactful opportunity areas.


Actionable Insights

Learn strategies that will help you improve your fleet operations.

Your fleet health checkup will include a look into:

  • Vehicle acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel economy
  • Accident
  • Vehicle remarketing

After the fleet health checkup, you will receive:

  • Fleet profile and projected spend
  • Projected savings under a managed program
  • Cycling strategies
  • Actionable recommendations

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